How to make a Geiger Counter

This is how to make your own homemade geiger counter for under that will work for almost any form of radiation. In this video I test the geiger counter w…

15 thoughts on “How to make a Geiger Counter

  1. If your diamond sets off a standard Geiger Counter I don’t think I would wear it. Yes they radiate diamonds and the gold is always looking for mercury and cyanide even atmospheric quantities so they are both poisoning you the more you wear them.

  2. Could this idea be adapted for use as a solar cell? I wonder the comparison of efficiency by surface area vs pv cells

  3. I just said that because once when I sold a diamond ring the guy checked with this tool and then told me that the tool picks up the radiation the diamond emitted? and it tripped me out

  4. Lets say that the radiation level in space was comparably to the radiation output from my cathode ray tube, the simple unit here produced over a volt, and the surface area is minor compared to the same out put solar cell. So in space it may provide a cost efficient alternative to solar cells.

  5. I wish you had a pivothead or equivalent eyewear-mounted camera so we could watch you build things using both hands. :/

  6. What interferences would this be sensitive to? e.g. a leaky microwave oven or bad spark plug from passing vehicle? Good vid, thanks

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