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Radex 1503

  • Pocket Geiger Counter
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Product Description

Developed for use by the mainstream public for detecting a level of radiation in open air and indoors, as well as for basic verification of radiation contamination of materials and objects.

This device was specifically designed for every-day use by people with no knowledge of radiation dosimetry. It is rugged, inexpensive, and has few options to eliminate confusion.
The unit contains one low-voltage SBM20-1 type Geiger-Muller counter for beta- and gamma-radiation detection and measurement. This is the same type of counter that is often used in the professional dose measuring equipment.

CE certified Geiger counter.  Certified by Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique (CEA) ( French dependancy of IAEA – International atomic energy agency )

Calibration certified by the Central Laboratory for Electrical Industries (LCIE).

Compact, lightweight and features a widescreen.
Very easy to use. Geiger Müller tube device sensitive to β and γ radiation.
Display in µ Rem or µ Sievert per hour.
Ionizing radiation detected: X-Ray, γ and β particles.
3 alarm thresholds.
This is an up-to-date and reliable pocket Geiger counter instrument for radiation detection, designed for household consumers who have common or no knowledge of dosimetry and wish to use dosimeters.

 The quality of indication of any dosimeter depends first of all on the built-in detector of ionizing radiation.  The pocket Geiger counter contains a low-voltage SBM20-1 type Geiger-Muller counter of hard β and γ radiations, which is used in professional dosimetric equipment. The unit is suitable for detecting radiation levels outdoors or indoors, for estimation of radioactivity of materials and objects.

The device is specially designed for consume ease of use; therefore users do not need to know dosimetry.

The pocket Geiger counter has a great number of individual installation-specific settings, such as units of measure, threshold valuations for alarm settings, and mode of display illumination.

All settings, including the battery indicator, appear on a 3 × 4,5 cm display.

The device estimates environmental radiation in magnitude of ambient equivalent power of gamma radiation dose (further -dose rate) taking into account pollution of objects by sources or in magnitude of exposure dose rate of gamma radiation (further - exposure dose rate) taking into account pollution of objects by beta sources.

Range of  dose rate indications :  0,05 ... 9,99 µSv/h
Range of exposure dose rate indications :  5 ... 999 µRem/h
Range of γ radiation energy :  0,1 ... 1,25 MeV
Reproducibility of indications :  15 + 6/P (at confidential probability 0.95%)

Alarm threshold :  0.30, 0.60, 1.20 µSv/h 30, 60, 120 µRem/h
Time of calculation :  40 ± 0.5 sec

Power elements :  1 or 2 elements AAA
Size height × breadth × dept :  105 × 60 × 26 mm
Weight (without battery) :  0,09 kg

Energy range scale: MeV 0.1~1.25
Scale range of ambient dose rate equivalent: µSv/h 0.05~9.99
Scale range of exposure dose rate: µRem/h 5~999

The measured result is calculated in 40 seconds cycles. The results are shown in microSievert per hour (microSv/hr).

Audio alarm with 3 adjustable thresholds;
Continuous measurement cycle;
Backlit display;
English language menu.
Requires 2 x AAA batteries (included).
One year Manufacturer's Warranty.
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