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Radiation Protection

Safety on the job and at home are important, especially when you work with hazardous materials which can expose you to harmful elements.  Choose the professional radiation protection devices to keep you safe, only at Digital Geiger Counters.

  • Electromagnetic Radiation Detector
    $119.00 $89.00 Electromagnetic Radiation Detector
    Many people believe that the electromagnetic fields emitted by electronic devices such as microwaves electric smart meters as well as just about every other home appliances can have a drastic impact on health. Some people...
  • Personal Radiation Dosimeter
    $899.00 Personal Radiation Dosimeter
    This personal radiation dosimeter DGC-TERRA is a simple device for continuous monitoring of radiation levels. Applications include checking for radiation pollution of foods, materials, or suspicious items.  Also for use...
  • Radiation Safety Cards
    $99.00 Radiation Safety Dosimeter Cards
    Safety Cards With Two Sensors -  One for triaging radiation exposure and another for monitoring tampering Radiation Safety Sensor: Develops a green/gray color, monitors 20-10,000 mSv (2-10,000 rad) and provides...
  • SOEKS Ecotester
    $349.00 Soeks EcoTester
    SOEKS EcoTester The Ecotester model from SOEKS provides fast analysis of nitrates content in fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as evaluation of background  radiation and detection of food products and construction ...

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