The CRM-100 Geiger Counter

I just got my new Geiger counter from International Medcom! The CRM-100. has the full story! This little toy is a dream! It’s cheap but good quality!

5 thoughts on “The CRM-100 Geiger Counter

  1. You have a microwave? Heat up a cup of water, then test it with the counter. I really want to see if the microwave puts radiation in the food stuff like people say. Pretty cool stuff! Keep posting.

  2. Microwave radiation is non-ionizing. This means that it will not strip off or add electrons to atoms in a destructive way. I will be glad to test water to prove this. Microwave radiation will not induce radioactivity into food or water.

    I will post a video showing this soon.

  3. nice unit. Its a shame the prices jumped due to Japan. Im in a bidding war to get an old CDV 700 on ebay,

    if you think the kid handling the Americum is crazy. There is a german girl bionerd23 on here, who has her thyroid injected with radioactive material at a hospital.

  4. @bottle2lip Be careful of CDV 700’s Firstly, they often only read beta and gamma. Am mostly emits alpha, which is much worse than beta or gamma. Also, ensure they are not contaminated and that the check source is not exposed (the check src is radioactive). I have watched all of BioNerd’s videos. She is great!

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