Arduino Uno Geiger counter and uranium glass

Arduino Uno microcontroller and a Radiation Board from Libelium are assembled. The Geiger-Müller tube in the black detector is the J305β type. The glass beads contain 1-2% of Uranium oxide. When excited by the UV light, the beads start to emit a visible green light. The beads contain enough Uranium to be slightly radioactive which can be detected with the Geiger counter. The Arduino is running TimeWaster’s Geiger Counter v1.1 open source code with slight modifications. The first field of digits at the top is the 2 sec. average in µSv/h. The second field is the average over 20 sec. The third, 2 min. average. Lower left hand side represents cumulative dose (dosimeter) in µSv and right lower hand side shows time elapsed. All the beads together emit mainly about 3 µSv/h of β (Beta) and γ (Gamma) radiation. It is a good way to test a Geiger counter. ┌————————————————┐ │ “Aver. 2s” “Aver. 20s” “Aver. 2m” │ │ “Overall Dosage” “Time elapsed” │ └————————————————┘

3 thoughts on “Arduino Uno Geiger counter and uranium glass

  1. thanks for using my software :o)

    i have updated the software with mostly changes under the hood (better overflow dection, no more overlapping messages, etc.), you can get it on my page:
    it would also be nice if you could link to my page from the description of this video.


  2. I’m trying to use the code but I get error: ‘String’ does not name a type In function ‘void setup()’:
    In function ‘void loop()’:
    At global scope:

    Any clues? thanks

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